History of The Pollen Estate

In 1622, a merchant tailor called William Maddox bought 35 acres of undeveloped East Mayfair land in central London for £1,450. The Estate was handed down through Maddox’s heirs for many generations, until it was passed to the Reverend George Pollen in 1764, and then, in turn, to his five daughters. Their descendents have been involved ever since.

Throughout the centuries, the land has been shaped by world class developers and architects, to form an impressive part of modern Mayfair. Today, we continue to oversee proudly the Estate’s premium office space and retail outlets on Savile Row, Cork Street, Old Burlington Street and Clifford Street.

The land has been shaped by world class developers and architects throughout the centuries.

The Pollen Estate is committed to working collaboratively with key stakeholders in Mayfair to improve the area's public realm. We want to ensure that Savile Row upholds its prestigious reputation as the world’s finest street for bespoke tailoring, and that Cork Street continues to enhance its status as the top global destination for the modern contemporary art industry.


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