The Pollen Estate – 1622 to the present day.

On 29th June 1622, William Maddox bought the freehold of 35 acres of undeveloped ground for £1,450. This land comprised what is now Great Marlborough Street, Hanover Street, Tenterden Street, Hanover Square, Princes Street, Maddox Street, Pollen Street, St George Street and Dering Street.

The land was subsequently developed in the 17th and 18th centuries and forms a substantial part of Mayfair. In fact Mayfair itself, took its name from the annual 15-day “May Fayre” held there.

Since then it has been inherited, bequeathed and handed down through the Pollen family and forms the modern day Pollen Estate. As one may imagine, The Pollen Estate has changed much over its 400 year history, shrinking and expanding and now consists of office space, residential units and retail outlets, which are mostly situated on Savile Row. Over that time many influential people have enjoyed its elegant buildings and broad Georgian thoroughfares.

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