The Pollen Estate, building on four hundred years of history, is committed to the progressive evolution of its buildings and the streets of East Mayfair in order to help the area to thrive in the long term, for the benefit of all who work, live in or visit the Estate.


The aim is to provide a world class environment, and by doing so, to achieve sustainable economic growth which respects and nurtures the traditions of the area.

Further information on the key elements of the estate strategy can be found below:

Environmental Policy
Pollen Estate Strategies
The Pollen Estate Strategies

The Pollen Estate is committed to working collaboratively with key stakeholders in Mayfair to improve the area’s public realm. Our aim is to ensure that Savile Row upholds its prestigious reputation as the world’s finest street for bespoke tailoring, and that Cork Street continues to enhance its status as the top global destination for the modern and contemporary art industry.

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