Savile Row has remained the world’s premier tailoring destination since the 19th century. Host to highly-skilled craftspeople and artisans, discover the Row’s distinguished mix of traditional tailoring and contemporary businesses.


Savile Row is the home of the world’s finest handcrafted tailoring and menswear, a craft that now extends through footwear, shirting, perfumery, eyewear, accessories and beyond.

Originally shaped by merchant tailors, the Row’s first occupants took up residence in the 1600’s. But it wasn’t until the 1800’s Savile Row’s sartorial ascension truly began, with the arrival of the tailoring houses of Norton & Sons, Gieves & Hawkes and Henry Poole & Co, who still form part of the fabric of the street to this day. The Sixties saw the first wave of contemporary fashion blending with the workmanship of Savile Row. The 1990’s new bespoke movement opened the doors to celebrate the traditional alongside a brave new sartorial spirit.

Today, Savile Row continues to offer a distinguished mix of traditional tailoring and contemporary businesses. The Pollen Estate is dedicated to ensuring the Row remains a thriving sartorial destination and one that retains its dedication to creating modern craft while maintaining its inspiring heritage.

Savile row Savile row