• Leasehold Interest
    Leasehold Interest

    Leasehold Interest, Development and Industries

As part of the changes to the Estate, by 1670 Sir Benjamin Maddox had leased the area currently occupied by Savile Row, Cork Street, Old Burlington Street, Clifford Street and Burlington Gardens to James Kendrick. The leasehold passed to a range of subsequent leaseholders before Lord Burlington acquired the interest in 1682.

1687 saw the first development on the site, with the building of a street of houses on the southernmost part of the lands.

The leasehold interest passed to the second Lord Burlington in 1697 and the third Earl in 1704. Shortly afterwards, some further building took place to complete the street to the north of New Burlington Mews, which was named ‘Benjamin Street’. Both streets were then swept away in 1731-2 to make room for the second phase of the third Earl’s Estate development.