• Present Day

Savile Row is still home to some of its original occupants such as Henry Poole & Co whose business moved to Savile Row in 1846, from Brunswick Square, and who were the company that made the first modern-style dinner jackets. In 2004, the Savile Row Bespoke Association was founded to protect and develop bespoke tailoring as practiced in Savile Row and the surrounding streets.

New occupiers have also been added to the Row in recent times including J.P. Hackett, The Deck and Drake's. 

The Pollen Estate are committed to working in partnership with the tailors on Savile Row. As part of the commitment, the Estate launched an extensive investment strategy to improve the street level environment, initiate cultural events
and invigorate visitor experiences, with the goal of bringing a new and wider audience to the Row. 

In 2015 Savile Row hosted Wool Week to raise awareness of the tailoring industry. As sheep grazed on temporary grass, the event saw barns erected and tailors open their doors to allow visitors to learn how wool is used by the great British tailoring industry. The Prince of Wales is patron of the event. In 2019, Savile Row switched on Christmas lights for the very first time in the street's history.

There have also been significant changes in recent times to Cork Street. The Estate spearheaded a major initiative aimed at restoring Cork Street’s innovative reputation, creating the most prestigious, dedicated street for art in the world.

During 2016/17 60% of the street’s overall frontage was redeveloped, creating around 43,000 sq ft of purpose built gallery space; an increase of over 100%. Streetscape improvements have created a world class environment and enable Cork Street galleries to bring events to the centre of Mayfair.

The Cork Street Galleries initiative seeks to reignite the spiritual home of modern and contemporary art in London, making it as important in the 21st century as it was in the early 20th when it launched the careers of Francis Bacon, Max Ernst and Paul Klee. New occupiers such as Goodman Gallery and Saatchi Yates Gallery have added vibrancy to the contemporary gallery mix on the street.